Your Sash Windows Are As Good As the Sum of All the Parts

Installing the correct sash windows can be very important for your home, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Historically, homes have always had windows and from an architecural viewpoint it is hard to imagine a home without windows.

However for all of the advantages of windows, they can be a weak link with regard to energy retention in a residence. It was also an unfortunate fact that the bigger standard windows were in a residence, the harder it was to insulate the property properly. Now, most properties being constructed have insulated windows installed and this reduces heat loss in the winter and helps keep your property cooler in the hot months. This in turn helps to keep your heating and cooling costs down.

To borrow a phrase, a sash window’s insulation properties are only as good as the weakest component of the Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent window. Windows are composed of glazing, frames, sashes and weather stripping and all of these parts of the window have to be capable of doing their job in order to give the window a good thermal value.

The thermal value of glass is measured in ‘U values’ and ‘R values’. Most people will have heard of ‘R values’ when it comes to insulation.  ‘R values’ rate how much heat loss the glazing deters from passing through it, U-values rate how much heat the glazing allows to pass through it. So a well insulated sash window would have glazing with a high R value and a low U value.

The glazing is perceived as being the most important part of the sash window in terms of insulation. To a point this is true and if you have glazing with a good thermal value ten you are well on your way to having a properly insulted window. However, if you are to have good performing windows you will need high quality sashes and window frames.