Diet Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Answer: For the purposes of weight loss a calorie is a calorie. Did you see the Nutrition Professor that recently ate only twinkies and other junk food? He restricted his calories to 1800 per day and lost 27 lbs. The only thing this proved is he’s kind of crazy, and that when it comes to weigh loss a calorie is a calorie.

How much exercise and what type do I need?

Answer: Awesome Phentermine Pills over the Counter question; there are numerous variables involved in answering this question. For general weight loss cardiovascular exercise is preferred. Walking is fine, more rigorous exercise is better like running; because you burn more calories. Anaerobic exercise is fine but is not needed for weight loss. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you could lose inches but not weight. Whatever you choose to do remember this, there is a minimum amount of exercise that you need to do forever. If you stop exercising and don’t cut back on what you eat, you will gain weight!

Why do I lose weight and then it stops and I get stuck?

Answer: Well you are asking all the really tough ones today! Let’s break this down to the basics. Your body is about 80% water and 20% other, bones, muscle etc. When you go through a normal fat burning weight loss you lose 1-4 pounds a month. The rapid weight loss occurs when you hit a point where your body sheds water to keep its 80% water ratio intact. Since water weighs about 8 lbs a gallon you can dump 5-10 pounds of weight during this weight loss phase.

When you quit losing weight you are in a plateau phase. This means that the amount of food and exercise you are doing will maintain the weight you are currently at. To lose more weight you will have to change something again. You will have to either eat fewer calories or exercise more. One word of caution, you should wait a week or two before deciding you are in a plateau pha