College Football Game Recap

As football season gets closer, there’s one day that most guys consider to be the most exciting time of week The day they consider the best is Saturday. For them, game day includes tailgating, eating unhealthful food, and looking at the cheerleaders of the team. However, there are others who are also up on a Saturday to eagerly awaiting the game, and have just as much about statistics as the players do. Welcome the female fans who are in the crowd!

Yes, they enjoy the drinking as much as they do and if they’re truly well-versed in the sport they’ll know who the most popular football players are. One thing which distinguishes women from men in football is their clothes they wear. Men may dress wearing a baggy shirt or just a pair of shorts and naked tops coated in body paint and nobody would think about it. If a woman were to do the same , she could not just stop traffic, but could be a cause of a head-on collision!

We’ve got you covered with the most important 10 rules and dos for the upcoming football season. Check out the category you’re into!


Do not: wear your bra exposed in the loose fitting tank top. It’s unattractive.

DO: We’ve all been there that it’s scorching hot in the sun and you’re looking to dress in a minimal way. However, ladies, it’s an undergarment to be worn. It’s meant to be worn underneath your clothes and should not be noticeable to anyone! If you’re in need of additional support underneath your tank top Why not consider an unisex bikini with your school’s colors?


Don’t: Buy an over-sized shirt and cut it into pieces. It could end with a damaged jersey and then losing the money you used to purchase it, and are not wearing anything.

DO: Let’s face it You’re probably not a fashion stylist. Spending the money to purchase an item only to cut it into pieces and risk that it won’t แนะนำเว็บแทงบอล be made in the way you envisioned it would be a bit frustrating. Why not just leave it to the experts? Miss Fanatic offers amazing jersey tops that are designed to fit women’s bodies. Look at the Free Agent jersey tube top that is absolutely stunning!


Don’t wear dangerous shoes during the game, for example stilettos.

DO: Okay, some schools believe in tradition, and this means dressing for games. But pumps? Do you think you’ll stay for six hours wearing pumps? No, we didn’t believe that way. Ladies, wear sandals or comfortable shoes and if you truly need the extra height, you can opt for a pair wedges, which are more secure. There are still fashionable wedges if you’re worried about looking unprofessional. However, the reality is that nobody will be watching your feet.


DO NOT: Believe that your skin is impervious against the elements.

DO: Wear sunscreen for the games, it’ll make a difference! What you don’t want is to spend the entire the day, only to arrive at the stadium with the appearance of an ox. Even if it’s not hot out, the sun’s sunlight can still get to you. You’ll be thanking the sun gods when you look at your friends who appear like they’ve been staking potatoes for the whole day, and you’re not getting sunburn!