Bethel Park Weight Loss

s I continue my simple articles on places that I have lived and weight loss, Bethel Park will always be a special one.

This article will touch on some of my days in Bethel Park, as well as provide an empowering view on Weight Loss. So if you are looking for that perfect body image, or simply trying to stop the insanity of being so out of shape, this article will prove worthwhile in the end. Or maybe you are trying to get over a poor body image or just need some weight loss tips. The ideal body image awaits you and I hope that this tribute to Bethel Park touches you to move forward on your weight loss journey.

Losing weight in Bethel Park is an interesting proposition. If you love the heavy local foods, you are going to have to maintain a high activity level in order to lose weight. The winters, long and cold, are also a challenging aspect related to that ideal body image.

I knew my life and disposition was going to change the day we moved in. It was Shirley Drive and a big hill – we were the fourth house on the left with a Tee intersection of Kings Railroad at the bottom. The former owner’s trash was still curbside and that included a few tires. Now what do you think a 12 year old kid was going to do with a bunch of old tires sitting atop a hill? It didn’t matter how many cars were traveling below, those tires were destined for the hill lottery. Luckily, we didn’t get any killed or cause any damage.

But as a skinny little kid coming from Dallas toabc kids Pittsburgh and steel country – I knew that I had to get tough or I was in for a rough life. It took years but Pittsburgh took over all of my blood supply and I consider myself to have the richest childhood in the world being a preacher’s kid growing up in Pittsburgh.

It was a tough town and the suburbs were just as challenging. We didn’t have to look for trouble, it found us. Fortunately, thanks in large part to soccer, things progressed OK. I began doing paper routes, shoveling snow and cutting lawns in the neighborhood. By the time high school rolled around, I had already had a couple of years of work experience – customer facing work experience at that. I won a Scripps Howard regional sales contest at the age of 15 – could have had a new bicycle but I opted for the $75 savings bond – which, almost 10 years later as a starving 6th year college student, it virtually saved my life right when I needed it the most.

Alderson Broaddus College soccer was great and in my sophomore year we almost won the NAIA National Championship – losing out to Quincy in the final as they won their 5th in a row. Thank you Coach Bobby Gray! As a religious school, ABC proved to have too may rules.

12 credits at the University of Pittsburgh to pass the summer months along with my 3 jobs – a large outdoor nursery, a hardware store and washing windows and it was on to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for one great soccer season (fastest goal scored in school history – 13 seconds) and a few years of strife to get that degree and open up California as my next landing spot. Thank you Coach Celtnics!